Welcome to the Human Capital FanClub

About Us

The Human Capital FanClub is an exciting initiative aimed at nurturing and developing the skills and understanding of human capital in children. We believe that every child has the potential to excel, and we're here to help them unleash their talents.

Our Objectives

Program Details

To join the FanClub, each school registers its pupils with a fee of 15,000. This fee covers participation in educational sessions and skill development workshops. Registered children receive special ID cards granting access to club activities and resources.


We are spreading the word about the "Prof. Magnus Kpakol Human Capital Development FanClub for Children" by reaching out to schools across Abuja. We emphasize the benefits of registration, including certification, real-life skill development, and networking opportunities.


The Human Capital FanClub is dedicated to empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the modern world. Join us in investing in the future of our youth and the growth of our community.