Our Mission Statement

To bring together a public and private sector cooperation in the effort to find human capital solutions and global partnerships for achieving poverty eradication, increased productivity and global competitiveness in Africa. 

What We Can Achieve and What it is All About

The Human Capital Africa Forum (HCAF) has two targets and one major instrument for achieving them. The targets are (1) poverty eradication (increased productivity) and (2) global economic competitiveness. The instrument is human capital development. To make your human capital effective or productive, you need global partnerships.

The average GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa is well below $US2,000, confirming a low productivity condition, compared to the global average of over $US13,000. Levels of productivity and economic competitiveness will have to rise to help raise the level of living and fight poverty and disease in Africa.

We need coaches, mentors, leaders, heroes and champions of human capital development to train people in soft and technical skills for achieving and sustaining increased productiveness (productivity), poverty eradication and global competitiveness.  

The HCAF is aimed to promote a culture of investing in people. We are looking for people in Africa and friends of Africa who want to increase their own productivity by building and growing their stock of human capital and investing in people to become leaders that pursue excellence and promote increased productivity and a high level of living. We are looking for a  million flames to light up Africa and driving away darkness from our society.

Our Human Capital Africa Forum activities are concluded each year with an annual event in November at the University of Texas at Dallas.